Veggie Tofu Wrap With Tahini Miso Sauce

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Summer is quickly approaching and the temperature, where I live, is slowly creeping towards 90. As it gets hotter and more humid my tolerance for hot food goes down. When it’s above 90 degrees I often turn to sandwiches, wraps and salads--and this particular wrap is filled with yummy goodness. Also, lettuce is in season and makes a lovely addition to any wrap, sandwich or salad.

For the flat bread of the wrap you can either use large chapatti, flour tortillas or sprouted wheat tortillas. Chapatti are really nice to use in this recipe as they are fresh and wholesome. Sometimes store-bought burrito wraps can be a bit doughy and if you happen to have some leftover chapatti, or are making some fresh, this is a nice way to use them. This wrap can be whipped up quickly and easily so makes a great lunch or picnic dish.


Veggie Tofu Wrap

Made this last night for my family. This was so delicious!

I love the recipes.

Thank you for your service ; )

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