Stuffed Italian Flat Bread

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Focaccia has become a national dish of Italy, and many regional versions can be found. This version is probably a cross between the local country cuisine of the Puglia region, where breads are enriched with the ingredients of the pastoral people – tomatoes, herbs and oil – and those southern versions adding cheese. This recipe makes a large, thick focaccia (it can only just be called a “flat bread”) filled with a variety of tasty, herby, melty, mouth-watering ingredients. Serve focaccia hot from the oven. Makes 1 thick, 25-cm (10-inch) bread.


Stuffed Italian Flat Bread

hare krishna,
Please don't be offended but I would like to point out that yeast should not be use in breads served to Krishna. Also most cheeses have animal renit to set the cheese. This is also not to be served to Krishna. We can not eat.
Try making flat unleavened bread and paneer cheese using lemon to curdle the cheese, much tastier.
Please think of Krishna and Bhakti devotion.
hare krishna.

The Yeast Debate

We have had several people asking us about this topic so our editors did some significant research in Srila Prabhupada's teachings. This is what our findings are:

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