Shredded Carrot Halava

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Carrot halava is a popular dessert dish served at ISKCON temples around the world on ekadasi days. Some people love it, and some are not fond of it at all. Try it out and see if you like this unusual variation on a favorite dish.

It's not your average halava, which is made mostly of farina, but it is a traditional Punjabi style called 'gaajar ka halava'. This particular recipe might be from Kurma, or possibly Yamuna Devi (we would like to know), but there are many variations.

Like most halava, this can either be served warm in scoops or bowls, or can be shaped into a slab and cut into squares, then garnished with nuts and more raisins.


Yamuna's recipe

This recipe closely follows one from Yamuna's "The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking" recipes, "Shredded Carrot Halva with Pistachios". She includes half and half, which is listed here in the directions but not in the ingredients list. I'd like to try it without it since I'm planning on making the vegan version. Yum!

Shredded Carrot Halva

Very nice recipe, my preparation came out nicely, it was delicious, thanks for the recipe. Hari Bol.

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