Rose Lassi

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This classic recipe to a refreshing drink comes just in time for our cooling summer. Most lassi drinks are either spice flavored or fruit flavored, but this rose flavored version is popular.

Keep in mind that all rosewater is not created equal. For any cooking (or drinks) recipes, it's worth it to buy the good stuff, usually found through high-quality grocers. Poor quality rosewater can be either weak in flavor or have a slightly chemical after-taste.


rose lassi sweetness

Above comments are incorrect. Sweetness depends on the type of yogurt used. Indian yogurt does not have the sourness that all the supermarket varieties have. Indian yogurt contains less sugar and it is not very sour. Found in Indian shops. Also if rose concentrate is used, only a few drops needed...

Rose Lassi

tried recipe my rosewater was unsweetened but I still found 3Tbs too much sugar. All subjective I guess ! Haribol-Dust

My review of the recipe:

I just tried out the Rose Lassi. It would have been absolutely amazing except one thing: Even 3 Tbsp of sugar isint near enough! If you do not add plenty of sugar, the sourness of the yogurt will overpower all other flavors. Also, it would be helpful if this recipe included which blender speed is best. Thank you and Hare Krishna!

- Holly Rivera

Rose water & blenders

Thanks for your comments Holly!

Our cooks write up their recipes, and keep in mind the large variety of people that will be using them. So they have to think about the many kinds of blenders--some having complicated settings, and some having simple 1-2-3 levels of power. Some details they have to leave to our readers to experiment on, or use common sense about.

The reason for the measurements on the sugar being off for you is that there is a wide range of 'rose water' available, many of which are already sweetened quite strongly. Others have little sweetener but are overly flavored with rose. So we are hoping that our readers can gauge what kind of rose water they have and figure out the best variation of this recipe for their needs. (That and many traditionalists think it shouldn't be very sweet at all!)

Thank you for contributing and hopefully fellow readers will have your comments to think about while they are trying this recipe as well.

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