Paneer: Fresh Cheese

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Paneer is a homemade, non-aged cheese made by adding an acidic curdling agent to milk. This cheese is not suitable for melting and has a delicate yet extra delicious flavor. Paneer can be used in many, many different dishes in a variety of ways.

Paneer is often made with lemon juice but I really like to make it with buttermilk, as it seems to make a softer and creamier paneer. Also, if you accidentally put too much buttermilk it will just convert to more paneer, whereas if you put too much lemon juice, your paneer will taste sour.


This looks TOO easy and sooo

This looks TOO easy and sooo yummy! Thank you Lord Krsna for the cows that give us this awesome cheese! Will b trying to make this 1st time this weekend! Haribol!

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