Mock Chocolate II

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Whether you are a vegan, or just trying to avoid chocolate, this icing recipe is wonderful for making leaves, swirls and other cake decorations.

Coconut fat, or coconut butter, is often found at health food stores, or some high-end grocery stores. It is a solid fat, similar to a softened butter. Because it has about 100 calories per tablespoon, it is not much healthier than butter, but the flavor compliments the carob.

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Mock chocolate

Hi I want to try the brownies from you the book of eggfree cakes and it is asking to put 100g of mock chocolate. I'm bit confused as not sure, do I make ig from from receipes from back of the book ? And if so which receipe do o use as ther r 2.

Can u pls let me know asap as I wsnt to make it asap.


Emil add

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