Kurma's Vegetarian Lasagna

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Tender pasta sandwiched between layers of tasty béchamel sauce, cheese, spinach and herbed tomato sauce, topped with more cheese and baked until firm---whenever we serve Vegetarian Lasagna at Gopal’s Restaurant our clientele become practically ecstatic. “Could you possibly give us the recipe?” they ask. So here it is.

[From Kurma's book Great Vegetarian Dishes.]



Most cheeses have rennet - an enzyme derived from the digestive tract of a cow. Used in any food renders it non-vegetarian. One would be well-advised to investigate the sources of food: are they ahimsa or not?


I use Tillamock cheese, you can get it at Ralfs or I go to Whole Foods which is really great as well. The cows are feed natural food, no growth products.

Vegetarian Cheese

Yes, many cheeses have animal rennet in them however, there are also many that use microbial (not derived from animal sources) rennet. If you live in the USA some brands that use microbial rennet are the Publix store brand (all varieties), Cabot (all varieties), Horizon (all varieties), some Tillamook varieties and some Organic Valley varieties. Always read ingredients which will sometimes state what variety of rennet is used. You can also call up the manufacturing company and ask what type of rennet is used in their cheese.

vege lasagne

vege lasagne

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