Greek-Style White Bean and Vegetable Soup (Fasoulada)

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Greek-Style White Bean and Vegetable Soup
enough for 6 persons
Prep Time: 
60 min.

There’s nothing like a steaming pot of hot soup to warm you up on a cold winter’s day, and this one “does the trick.” Probably every Greek housewife has a version of fasoulada, a full bodied, thick rustic soup of white beans and vegetables. Any white beans are preferred, such as cannellini, black-eyed beans, lima, navy or haricot.

[From book "Cooking With Kurma, More Great Vegetarian Dishes".]

2 cups (500 ml) haricot beans, about 375g, or white beans of your choice
8 cups (2 litres) water
1 teaspoon (5ml) yellow asafetida powder
1 1/2 cups (375ml) chopped, peeled tomatoes
3/4 cup (185ml) diced carrot
1 cup (250 ml) chopped celery, including leaves
2 tablespoons (40ml) tomato paste
1/4 cup (60ml) chopped parsley
2-3 tablespoons (40-60ml) virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoon (1ml) freshly-ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon (2ml) sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons (7ml) salt
Chopped parsley for garnish

1. Wash and drain the beans. Place them in a 5-litre/quart saucepan along with the 8 cups (2 litres) water, and bring to the boil over full heat. Allow the beans to boil for two minutes, then remove the saucepan from the heat, cover tightly and set aside for 1 hour, or until the beans double in size. Alternatively, soak the beans overnight, drain them, rinse and drain again.

2. Add all the other ingredients to the saucepan of soaked beans, except the salt and garnish. Return the pan to full heat, bring to the boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer, and cook, tightly covered, for about 1 hour, or until the beans are soft.

3. Stir in the salt and sprinkle each bowl of hot steaming soup with some of the reserved parsley. Succulent!

[From the book "Cooking With Kurma, More Great Vegetarian Dishes".]


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