Granola Cookies

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Oatmeal cookies are wonderful because there's less cookie and more good stuff. Oatmeal cookies have just a little bit of 'dough' to bind the oats together, so they also don't expand significantly like some cookies do. Adding a few extras like nuts is fairly common for cookies, but this recipe asks for a variety of ingredients that make the cookies into a nice little snack.

Really these cookies are very versatile and you could substitute whatever seeds, nuts or dried fruit you desire to make your own variation. Feel free to improvise with whatever dried fruit, nut and seed combo you desire (as long as these all add up to a total of 2 cups, you should be fine). Most kinds of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and even candied ginger is lovely. It is best to chop up the larger items so they're spread more evenly through the cookies, and easier to eat. Just be sure that you don’t make your dough too dry with too many additions.

You could also substitute whole wheat flour for the all-purpose flour but just remember that the whole wheat flour would make your cookies a bit drier. You could add just a little more yoghurt and a touch more butter to balance this out.


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