"Chickpea of the Sea" Salad Sandwiches

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I love this sandwich because it is packed with yummy protein and is quite healthy. If you are planning to take these delicious sandwiches on a picnic, I recommend either making the chickpea of the sea salad a little drier or assembling the sandwiches right before eating to avoid soggy sandwiches.

Also, replacing the yoghurt in my recipe for sour cream would give you a creamier (if somewhat fattier) sandwich filling which would be a little less runny. I also highly recommend adding some finely chopped celery to your salad if you happen to have some lying around. Of course the kalamata olives could be replaced with any olives of your choice or even omitted. The point that I’m making here is to feel free to add your own touch by adding or subtracting from this recipe as you like. Have fun and be creative!


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