Chandra's Delicious Chewy Brownies

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I was at a potluck dinner a few years ago, and my friend Chandra brought some brownies. Growing up as a Hare Krishna on an eggless diet, all the brownies I ever had were more like cake than the chewy chocolaty goodness that was described to me by my mother when she recalled her childhood encounters with brownies. I have to admit I was skeptical as to Chandra’s brownie’s authenticity, as I had long ago given up on ever finding an eggless chewy brownie recipe.
Imagine my surprise when Chandra’s brownies were everything I had imagined a perfect brownie to be. Not only were her brownies perfection, but Chandra was sweet enough to share her recipe freely, so I am passing it along to you just in case, like me, you are hunting for a perfect brownie recipe.


Well, let's starve then! Give a break!

They are PERFECT! Chewy browny with no eggs, was looking for this kind of recipe since long time. People, what can be more vegetarian than chocolate made of cocoa beans! And if it does make you happy (however never made me that "happy", you probably meant something else, not chocolate!) - well, that is the purpose of any food you eat - to make you happy and satisfied! Otherwise we shouldn't eat anything - even drink water can make you happy, so water is not permitted now?! Well, surely, people made up so many "can't eat" stuff that makes even them confused! Come on now! Everybody knows what is right and wrong, nobody has any rights to tell anyone what to do(eat or not), if someone is vegetarian it is completely up to him, and what to eat that person knows very well, even child knows what it means to be vegetarian! So, those who "advise" a lot - Relax!

Srila prabhupada says no chocolate

check this link to see his statement

we are not allowed to eat chocolate

Hare u know vaishnava are not allowed to eat chocolate coz it contains a drug element called theobromine....thats why chocolate make u a bit happier when u r sad.... check this link...its a recepie by Kurma you can change chocolate with carob pods

no chocolate for vaishnava

do u know we are not allowed to eat chocolate coz it contains a drug element called theobromine.....refer to

They were great!

I tried to make these brownies using aluminum foil for lining the baking dish and it came out great. It was too bad I had to share it with other people :P

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