Butternut Squash and Tender Greens Kitchari

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Butternut gives this kitchari some sweet creaminess, almost like you have added some sweet cream butter, and is the perfect complement to the slight bitterness of the greens. This recipe is great for kids (or adults) who are not fond of seedy spices in their meal. My daughter loves this kitchari and I love that she is eating healthy whole grains and vegetables.


Veggie Burgers

I did a lot of your recipes and they are all great spieacly the vegie buger since it taste great and take no time to make. The ready made at the store taste awful are unhealty and they cost 6$ for 4 quite a shame, since i am vegan i mostly eat veggie burger when i am invited to bbq. Anyway you really did teach me how to cook vegan food, thanks for that your the best!

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