Basil Pecan Pesto

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The best way to use basil is to avoid cooking it too much. If adding it to pasta, toss it in while the pasta is still hot, but not still cooking, so the heat can release some flavour from the basil, but is not hot enough to kill the basil completely. Same goes for pizza, if making pizza with basil I suggest placing the basil on the pizza just as it comes out of the oven so it gets a little heat but not too much.
If you have an over abundance of fresh basil, a great way to use it is to make some pesto. As I just got some lovely organic basil from my local temple farmer’s stand I thought there was no better use of it than to make some pesto. Traditionally pesto is made with basil, pine nuts and garlic, but for today’s recipe we are going to mix it up a bit and make it with pecans and no garlic.
I have tried making pesto with walnuts, cashews and pine nuts and all were exceptionally yummy, with slightly different flavours due to the different nuts. It is important to slightly roast your nuts to bring out the flavour and let them cool before adding them to the pesto. This pesto can keep in your refrigerator for about a week with plastic wrap covering the surface. Pesto can also be frozen in ice cube trays, and then transferred to freezer bags when solid, to be thawed at a later date.


Awesome recipe!

Awesome recipe!

are Basil leaves the Tulasi

are Basil leaves the Tulasi leaves?

No basil is different from

No basil is different from Tulasi leaves. They are from the same plant family and are somewhat similar in smell but are different.

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