Banana Nut Bread

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What do you do when you have bananas that have just slipped past their ripe phase and are now in the over-ripe phase? The answer for me is to make Banana Nut Bread. This bread is delicious and makes my house smell all warm and homey. Of course you could also make banana muffins which are equally delicious but just a little more trouble to make.
There are many recipes available for banana bread, but everyone has their own never-fail version. This is one I adapted from a very old, falling-apart, and food-stained Betty Crocker cookbook given to me by my mother. I changed the recipe to conform to our dietary restrictions.


Thank you. It sounds

Thank you. It sounds great!!!! I love this site.

temperature for baking

I have owen where it has max of 250 F only, what should be the alternative for it

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