“Bhima” Veggie Burgers

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Delicious "burgers" made out of split peas, oats and carrots. They are ridiculously easy to make and just as easy to eat. Bhima burgers are delicious on home baked buns or also plain with some ketchup or chutney.



I thought devotees dont eat carrots

We do eat carrots :-)

Hare Krishna - Many Vaishnavas (followers of the Krishna conscious philosophy) do eat carrots, but there's always a variety of personal choices about food items. So I suppose there are people who choose not to eat carrots.

Bhima veggie burgers

I tried this recipe and was really impressed, they were the tastiest veggie burgers i have eaten.i did make a few adjustments in that i cooked the peas untill a puree rather than blending them as i find that if the peas are not wellcooked first they give me indigestion. I also baked them in the oven on a baking tray with oil on, rather than frying them.

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