The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking

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With "The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking" Adiraja Dasa has offered us more than just a recipe book -- this is nothing less than a manual of Indian vegetarianism.

In the introduction, Adiraja writes, "This is a practical cookbook designed to help you prepare authentic Indian meals in your home and to acquaint you with the tradition behind India’s great cuisine."

Sure enough, along with the mouth-watering photographs of food, you'll find in-depth information about the philosophy of being a vegetarian from religious, scientific and ethical perspectives.

Adiraja covers everything you could possibly think of in relation to Indian vegetarian cooking. One chapter identifies the utensils you might use to cook your food, while another provides a range of menus to choose from. You will learn how to prepare and serve a Vedic meal, and even how to spiritualize your food by transforming it into prasadam. "From the shopping to the cooking, meditate on pleasing Krishna," the author writes.

"Eating only food offered to Krishna is the ultimate perfection of a vegetarian diet," he continues in the chapter Vegetarianism: A Means to a Higher End. "The Vedas inform us that the purpose of human life is to reawaken the soul in its relationship to God, and only when we go beyond vegetarianism to prasadam can our eating be helpful in achieving this goal."

You'll be eager to pursue your life's purpose with this giant collection of 120 recipes to offer to Krishna. The delicious Indian cuisine here includes rice dishes, Dal made from split peas and beans, soups, breads and pancakes, curries, vegetables, savories, sweets and much more.

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