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Back to Godhead magazine has been publishing regularly for well over 60 years, aiming to reach both the Krishna conscious community, and those new to bhakti yoga and the Krishna consciousness philosophy.

A major practice of bhakti yoga is karma-free, spiritual eating. This means a vegetarian diet that is also intended to be focused on pleasing to Krishna. All foods are prepared in a Vedic tradition of cleanliness and spiritual mood. And then all food is “spiritualized”—offered to Krishna—and made into prasadam.

Because this food-philosophy is so different from Western practices, Back to Godhead has offered many articles over the years addressing good quality vegetarian cooking, proper food preparation, the history and benefits of prasadam, and even mentions of food in books and scriptures.

Many of these recipes reprinted here were offered by respected cooks within the Krishna conscious community, either from regular columns or feature articles. Some recipes are intended for those very new to a healthy vegetarian diet. Some articles are quite old and were written for an audience where ingredients and equipment/utensils were harder to find than they are today.

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