Thandai (Anise milk with raisins and pistachios)

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This refreshing drink is a favorite in India and is traditionally associated with Holi. It is also especially served on the night of worship in honor of the Lord's greatest devotee: Lord Siva(Shivaratri).

Vegan variation: You don't have to make thandai with milk. You can use water instead, as it is often done, though the milk mellows the taste of the spices.

Pomegranate Fizz

Average: 3.7 (23 votes)

This drink is tart and dry, with a subtle taste.

Orange Ginger Cooler

Average: 2.8 (5 votes)

A refreshing drink from Kurma’s cookbook, "Great Vegetarian Dishes"

Rose Lassi

Average: 3.5 (13 votes)

This classic recipe to a refreshing drink comes just in time for our cooling summer. Most lassi drinks are either spice flavored or fruit flavored, but this rose flavored version is popular.

Keep in mind that all rosewater is not created equal. For any cooking (or drinks) recipes, it's worth it to buy the good stuff, usually found through high-quality grocers. Poor quality rosewater can be either weak in flavor or have a slightly chemical after-taste.

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