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Peanut Butter Cookies

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Peanut butter is one of those things that people either love or hate. But what about delicious peanut butter cookies? It's fairly easy to take almost any cookie recipe you find and change the ingredients to be vegetarian. This is a general recipe found in many cooking books, and instead of eggs and the usual, we found that yoghurt works just fine here. And peanut butter is generally a lovely ingredient to bake with.

Ekadashi Coconut Cake

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It can be tough to cook on ekadasi days, and even harder to prepare desserts. Cintia gives us a lot of options in her baking book, including this recipe that calls for powdered milk and potato flour instead of grain-based ingredients.

Even if it's not ekadasi, you might like to try this cake. It calls for mashed bananas and toasted coconut, and then whipped cream and fruit to decorate. Yum!

Crazy Carob Pudding

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Cintia loves to give us healthy cakes and desserts that can also be made vegan. This traditional pudding variation calls for either milk or soy milk, and carob. How does this recipe work for you? We've not tried it yet, but there's such a demand for carob dishes to try, we want to bring you some options besides the usual carob cake.

Old-fashioned Carrot Cake

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Carrot cake is a hot topic... people either love it or hate it. Cintia offers this recipe in her 'The Book of Eggfree Cakes' and shows that you can make this with a little flair that might convert the non-carrot-cake camp. It's especially delicious with a nice butter or cream cheese icing on top!

Let us know how you like this recipe and if we need to move it out of the test kitchen and into the recipes section.

Basic Carob Cupcakes

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It's not simple to just convert a recipe for chocolate cupcakes to carob cupcakes because there isn't a direct chocolate-to-carob substitution. And baking cupcakes is different than making icing when it comes to adding carob powder. These are basic carob cupcakes that are lovely served with a simple icing, or can be topped with a rich butter icing and fruit if you want to dress them up a little.

Granola Cookies

Average: 2.5 (10 votes)

Oatmeal cookies are wonderful because there's less cookie and more good stuff. Oatmeal cookies have just a little bit of 'dough' to bind the oats together, so they also don't expand significantly like some cookies do. Adding a few extras like nuts is fairly common for cookies, but this recipe asks for a variety of ingredients that make the cookies into a nice little snack.

Carob Fudge Cake

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This week’s recipe is for Carob Fudge Cake, an absolutely delicious cake worthy of any birthday or other special occasion. While carob is thought by some to be a chocolate substitute I like to think of it as something different as the taste is not really that similar, especially if you are a chocolate lover. However, carob is lovely in its own right and many people actually prefer it to chocolate.
This two-tiered carob cake is light in texture without the use of eggs. The cakes light texture is due to the sour milk. Filled and iced with Carob Vienna Icing, it is an irresistible dessert.

Sweet and Nutty Rolls

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These rolls do take some time to make but it is worth it and this recipe does make enough so that you could take them to a pot luck or give some away as a friendly gift. The original recipe comes from a 1970s Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, and with a little adjustment, was made suitable for Vaishnava cooking.

Caramel Shortbread Bars

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A while back I shared a recipe for Lush Lemon Raspberry Bars with you all. The recipe I will share today is inspired by that recipe, which I tweaked for a totally different flavour. I was inspired by a British dessert, Millionaires Shortbread which consists of a layer of shortbread, a layer of caramel and a layer of chocolate.

Chandra's Delicious Chewy Brownies

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I was at a potluck dinner a few years ago, and my friend Chandra brought some brownies. Growing up as a Hare Krishna on an eggless diet, all the brownies I ever had were more like cake than the chewy chocolaty goodness that was described to me by my mother when she recalled her childhood encounters with brownies. I have to admit I was skeptical as to Chandra’s brownie’s authenticity, as I had long ago given up on ever finding an eggless chewy brownie recipe.

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