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The Savory Samosa

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When you bite into a warm samosa, the first thing you'll notice is its wonderfully tender, thin pastry crust, golden-brown from deep-frying. Inside are peas, potatoes, or small chunks of cauliflower, seasoned not too little so that the samosa's bland, and not too much so that it's hot, but just enough to delight the palate. Many flavors harmonize as you taste the crust and filling together, all permeated by the rich, regal flavor of the ghee (clarified butter) that the samosa was cooked in.

Kurma's Vegetarian Lasagna

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Tender pasta sandwiched between layers of tasty béchamel sauce, cheese, spinach and herbed tomato sauce, topped with more cheese and baked until firm---whenever we serve Vegetarian Lasagna at Gopal’s Restaurant our clientele become practically ecstatic. “Could you possibly give us the recipe?” they ask. So here it is.

[From Kurma's book Great Vegetarian Dishes.]

Apricot Stuffing


A simple side dish for the holidays, or whenever you need a change from potatoes.

Pumpkin Mousse Pie

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Everything you need to make a pumpkin mousse pie!
Just click on the links below to see how it's made.

Pumpkin Mousse Pie Filling


A big hit at any Thanksgiving table is the final indulgence of dessert.
Our Pumpkin Mousse Pie is no exception. The light and spicy flavors topped with whipped cream create a taste sensation enjoyed by all.

Baked Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Cranberries, Pears, and Pecans

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Beautiful and flavorful sweet potatoes spark interest in family and friends for any occasion.

Shredded Potato Quesadilla with Cheese and Spinach

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The great thing about quesadillas is their versatility. Any veggies or cheeses can be used. Feel free to play around with them; the combinations are endless.

Creme de la Creme

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This creamy, moist milk dish is always served chilled. Whether taken as is or mixed with diced fruits such as ripe mangoes, papayas, or bananas, it is served in individual shallow bowls or cups. It may be sipped or eaten with a spoon.


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The Denver Hare Krishna temple in the early eighties was home to many great cooks and there was no shortage of reasons for preparing hundreds of amazing dishes, including this special Peddaha jewel.

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