Fresh Cranberry Relish

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For our most recent office pot luck lunch here at we were inspired by the traditional holiday meals we share with our families this time of year. We served mashed potatoes, stuffing (also called dressing), a lovely salad, baked sweet potatoes, yeast rolls, and pumpkin pie. And much more.

One of the prettiest and tastiest dishes was brought by Rupa who works in the Back to Godhead department. She made this cranberry relish that was bright ruby red and it tasted wonderful, with ginger and sweet citrus flavors mixed in with the tart berries.

Pineapple and Peas in Almond Broth

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This recipe was offered in the February/March issue of Back to Godhead magazine, paired with an article by Vishakha Dasi on what she called the "vegetarian blues". She especially talks about how it can be awkward to be a vegetarian in a very non-vegetarian world.

Lush Lemon Raspberry Bars

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It’s spring here where I live and everything is turning green. There are flowers everywhere and the weather is perfect. Friends are starting to invite us to picnics and I like to bring something yummy for these informal get-togethers. Usually ‘hand food’ is ideal, anything that can be easily eaten without silverware or even plates. And of course the kids like to grab goodies to munch on while they’re running about the yard. So today I am sharing a recipe I came upon ages ago, I don’t quite remember where. I tweaked it to my preferences and fell in love with it.

Phal ka halava (Fruit pudding)

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This simple technique of cooking juicy fruits and sugar until the moisture evaporates and the mixture is thick enough to solidify in a mold has been used in India for thousands of years. Phal ka halava is a delicacy you can make in large quantities. Under refrigeration, it keeps several days. Children love to eat fruit halva. You can also make fruit halava from ripe pears, mangos, and other juicy fruits.

Seb Ki Chatni (Apple Chutney)

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Practically any type of apple will make a good apple chutney. Select firm, ripe ones and avoid those that are oversized and mealy.

The recipe may also be used for making chutneys from other fruits, such as peaches, plums, apricots, mangos, guavas, gooseberries and blackberries. Omit the asafetida if you like, and use the dried chilies according to taste.

Apple Blackberry Crumble

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This version of the famous English dessert has delighted customers at Gopal’s Restaurant in Melbourne for many years. Succulent stewed apples, folded with fresh blackberries, are baked with a buttery, crunchy topping and served with cream or hot custard.

This recipe is from Kurma Dasa's book "Great Vegetarian Dishes".

Caramelized Pineapple Rings

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The pineapple is a magnificent fruit and tastes great when caramelized and served with Coconut Sherbet or ice cream. Make sure the pineapple is ripe and juicy.

Cranberry Sauce

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Bright and colorful, this dish is surprisingly easy to make. The sweetened tartness of the cranberries deliciously offsets the other main dishes.

Baked Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Cranberries, Pears, and Pecans

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Beautiful and flavorful sweet potatoes spark interest in family and friends for any occasion.

Apricot & Saffron Rice

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Apricots give that rich, fruity flavour to any dish. It really makes a fresh difference to rice and can be eaten with any curry or vegetable dish. The saffron subtly compliments the apricot, adding lovely rich notes to the rice.

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