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Browse these recipes that have been given to us, or that we've been looking at in cooking books. We haven't tried these for ourselves yet, but they look interesting. If you try them, let us know how about your results. How did they turn out? Did you do anything different that made the recipe delicious? Comment on it and rate it. And when we can properly test the recipes for ourselves, we'll either delete the not-so-good ones, or move the good ones to our recipe catalog. Your fellow cooks appreciate your comments and suggestions, so share your experiences cooking for Krishna!

If you have a recipe to submit, email it to food@krishna.com

Carrot cake is a hot topic... people seem to either love it or hate it. What about you? Have you tried this recipe yet?

This dessert is very simple to make and we're told it was very popular with the friends of our friend who suggested it. Since it can be difficult to correctly substitute carob for chocolate, we love receiving recipes for carob desserts to share with you.

It's not simple to just convert a recipe for chocolate cupcakes to carob cupcakes because there isn't a direct chocolate-to-carob substitution. We would love to see what your experience is with this recipe since it was suggested to our test kitchen by a friend.

This cake provides an excellent treat for the special day of Ekadasi.

Carrot halava is a popular dessert dish served at ISKCON temples around the world on ekadasi days. Love it or hate it, we'd like to know!

This traditional soup can also be used as a dip if you like.

Adding saffron to rice is a lovely idea, but also adding apricots sounds amazing!

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