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Browse these recipes that have been given to us, or that we've been looking at in cooking books. We haven't tried these for ourselves yet, but they look interesting. If you try them, let us know how about your results. How did they turn out? Did you do anything different that made the recipe delicious? Comment on it and rate it. And when we can properly test the recipes for ourselves, we'll either delete the not-so-good ones, or move the good ones to our recipe catalog. Your fellow cooks appreciate your comments and suggestions, so share your experiences cooking for Krishna!

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This recipe was offered in the February/March issue of Back to Godhead magazine, paired with an article by Vishakha Dasi on what she called the "vegetarian blues". Kukri ras (or Cucumbers in Delicate Broth) is an interesting addition to many meals.

This recipe comes from a 1968 issue of Back to Godhead magazine, so it calls for butter, honey, and cream cheese. These days we try to keep a healthier diet, but once in a while you have to try something rich and lovely!

Whether you are a vegan, or just trying to avoid chocolate, this icing recipe is wonderful for making leaves, swirls and other cake decorations.

Sometimes simplest is best. This easy dressing is great for salads or veggies, or can be used to drizzle over rice, pasta, or even over toast.

So many excellent cooks hesitate when it comes to baking because it's an exact form of cooking requiring careful measuring and timing. But don't ever let that stop you from trying a new recipe!

When choosing for this dish, look for the smaller zucchini with thinner skin because they are the most tender for frying.

There are many flavors of burfi, usually from nuts or fruits, but sometimes cardamom, rosewater, or even carrots. Coconut burfi is one of the more traditional and most nostalgic of burfis.

Gazpacho soup is intended to be served cold, but it's also tasty. So if you're preparing a large dinner, this is something you can make well ahead of time and not worry about.

It can be tough to cook on ekadasi days, and even harder to prepare desserts. Cintia gives us a lot of options in her baking book, including this recipe that calls for powdered milk and potato flour instead of grain-based ingredients.

Cintia loves to give us healthy cakes and desserts that can also be made vegan. This traditional pudding variation calls for either milk or soy milk, and carob. How does this recipe work for you?

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