Zuchini Kofta

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Shanka has been learning to cook for a good deal of time, and has traveled far and wide to gain experience and add to his skill-set. He brought his Indian recipes together in a self-published book, Simple Vegetarian Cooking, Indian Style.

This particular kofta recipe calls for grated zucchini, which gives it a lovely, delicate texture and flavor. The tomato sauce brings a sweet acidity to the fried vegetable balls. Recipes vary wildly, calling for potatoes, cabbage, carrots, corn, peas, and even beets. Some of these, such as cabbage, is alternately served with a curry sauce rather than this thick tomato sauce.

Kofta has been a popular dish for hundreds of years, and there are many popular recipes that vary by region throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Some require the kofta balls to be formed almost as large as an orange, which is much bigger than traditional Indian cooks prefer. (Yes, there are quite a few non-vegetarian kofta dishes as well, so keep that in mind when dining out or searching online for alternate recipes.)


Hi, can anybody help me with

Hi, can anybody help me with what the yellowish (potato?) subji in the photo is made of and how, pls? Been looking for this or similar recipe(s) for a long time...
Many thanks!

Potato subji

Hare Krishna! Since sabji is a general term for a vegetables-in-sauce dish, it's not easy to narrow down a subji from a picture. We took this picture at our local temple one day and the sabji was vegetables in a creamy sauce similar to Gauranga Potatoes but without baking them:

Zucchini selection

Hare Krishna,

I'd love to make this dish. Could you please help me with selecting the Zucchini? We get green and yellow Zucchini here. We also get bottle guard here, should I use it instead? What is preferred?


Hare Krishna Prathamesh, I

Hare Krishna Prathamesh,
I suggest using either the green zucchini or the yellow squash for this recipe for best results.

hare krsna

what is zuchhini....hare krsna

Hare Krishna, Zucchini is a

Hare Krishna,
Zucchini is a longish green squash. It is also called courgette in many countries. When cooked it becomes very soft.

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