Vegetable Quiche

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Quiche is something I always think of as a fancy dish. I'm not sure quite why I think of it as fancy... maybe it's the French name. Whether you think it’s fancy or not, it is a great dish to make for a lunch party, or even a dinner. And is just as good when served at room temperature as it is warm, making it the perfect “make ahead” dish.

Quiche is most often made with eggs, which are not suitable to a Vaishnava diet, so for this quiche recipe dairy products are used to replace the eggs with fabulous results. This quiche recipe is a bit heavy on the dairy so you could do like one of my cooking friends does and substitute silken tofu for half of the sour cream to make the resulting quiche a little bit lighter.



this product is normally a harram product according to muslims. It would be fair if such ingredients could be mentioned in their original names ,as often many vaishnavas may have consume them unconciously....

Vegetarian cheese

Although traditionally a good deal of cheese is made with rennet, the growing demand for completely vegetarian cheese (and the internet) is making it so much easier to find rennet-free cheese.

Parmesan is just one more cheese that you can find rennet free. We like the below site for a thorough list of vegetarian cheese because you can either look at a lit of brands and companies, or a list by type of cheese, to find what you are looking for:

Is parmesan cheese vegetarian?

Hare Krishna,

The quiche looks very delicious. However, 'Parmesan' cheese has been used in the recipe. Could you please let me know if that is acceptable in Vaishnava diet. I have read that Parmesan is always made using rennet, and hence is not vegetarian.

parmesan cheese

panir or also known as curd cheese can be used instead of parmesan because it is vegetarian

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