Thandai (Anise milk with raisins and pistachios)

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This refreshing drink is a favorite in India and is traditionally associated with Holi. It is also especially served on the night of worship in honor of the Lord's greatest devotee: Lord Siva(Shivaratri).

Vegan variation: You don't have to make thandai with milk. You can use water instead, as it is often done, though the milk mellows the taste of the spices.


sounds yummy .must try

sounds yummy .must try this.all yr recipes sound simple yet delicious .will come bk with further comments.thank u

preparation doubt.

where and when to use the 425ml water mentioned in ingredients. please provide the correct preparation method.
I was ready with all ingredients but where and how to use the 425ml water.

The water is used in step 1

The water is used in step 1 of the preparation instructions and is then combined with other ingredients in further steps. Good luck with your preparation!

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