Lemon Cream Cheese Fudge (Nimbu Sandesh)

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Bengal is the home of Indian sweet manufacturing and of all Bengali sweets, sandesh is the most famous. It is prepared from only two ingredients: paneer (homemade curd cheese) and sugar. Use one-quarter part sugar to the volume of kneaded cheese curd. Sandesh is very simple to make, provided you prepare the curd cheese properly. You should also knead your cheese to the correct silky-smooth, neither-wet-nor-dry texture. Sandesh must be cooked in a scrupulously clean pan over very low heat. This sandesh derives its lemon flavour from the lemon oil contained in lemon rind, which is added during, and removed after, cooking.



Hare Krishna
i've really enjoyed looking at all recipes - they are ALL mouth watering.

I simply love paneer makani - i'm always ordering it at Govinda's restaurant, Phoenix, Durban, South AFrica - simply divine.

Please,please can you send me the recipe on how to make it.

thank you very much
Hare Krishna

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