Janmashtami Menu

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People around the world celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna with great joy, by hearing about the pastimes of Krishna, singing songs to Him and making a big feast for Him. Just as you would cook some delicious dishes for your loved one’s birthday, it is also nice to go out of your way to cook some special dishes for Krishna on the occasion of his birth.

If you have a nice deity of Lord Krishna in your home, it is nice to prepare a special feast to offer to Him. If you live near a temple there is sometimes the opportunity to make a dish and bring it to the temple to offer to the deity there. If you are cooking for Krishna at your local temple, make sure you follow the standards for cooking for a temple deity. Another nice option is to simply go and ask if you can help in the temple kitchen.

I am going to propose here a possible feast menu using recipes that are found on our Krishna.com food page. Feel free to mix and match the dishes to create your own special feast. The idea is to make an extra effort to cook something fancy for our dear Lord Krishna.


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