Ekadasi Cheesy Bread

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Tapioca flour is used in this recipe to make the bread, and is combined with cheese, butter and milk to make a cheesy, delicious and chewy bread-like substance. Tapioca flour is available in health food stores, some Latin stores, and in Asian supermarkets. Going to an Asian supermarket will save you a lot of money over a health food store, but be sure to look specifically for tapioca starch.

Calling it bread is a little misleading as the texture of these “breads” is not really bready but doughier, in a non yucky way of course. The doughy texture is especially pronounced when the bread is hot and eases up a bit after the breads cool a little. I often serve this bread as part of a whole Ekadasi meal or simply with some salad as a tasty lunch.


Pao de Queijo

You call it ekadashi bread, and it never occurred to me that it is, because I know it as a Brazilian snack recipe. Good point.



Just by reading the comment i would like to know what is arrowroot flour is their another name of it pls let me know.



Brands of cheese wtihout animal rennet

Hare Krishna Pishima mataji,

Can you please provide a list of rennet free cheeses available in US?

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes.

Hare Krishna,
Madhavi Gopi dd

Look at the ingredients in

Look at the ingredients in the cheese....work it out yourself. Its easy!

rennet is also listed as enzymes - also there are microbial enzymes that are used instead of the cow made ones.

Hare Krishna Madhavi Gopi, If

Hare Krishna Madhavi Gopi,

If you click on the link below you will be directed to a fairly thorough list of vegetarian cheeses. I would also mention that if you live near a Publix grocery store almost all of their brand cheeses are made with microbial rennet and is listed as microbial right on the label.
Here is that link:


Enjoy your vegetarian cheesy cooking :D

cheese renet

hare krishna
Please most cheddar cheeses are made with animal renet which comes from rendering the carcase of dead animals normaly young carves. This is used to set the cheese. I hope you all have checked to see if the cheese is renet free. I would have used home made paneer cheese folow Kurma's recipe. You can not feed this to krishna how can you eat for Ekadasi.
Hare krishna. Theres no bhakti here.

Rennet-free cheese

Here in Canada, most cheese I find in the grocery store is rennet-free. Just check the ingredients list.

Nine years ago, when I started eating rennet-free, rennet-free cheese was hard to find, but information about rennet being spread has lead to a large number of cheese manufacturers to make their cheese with lab-made microbial enzymes instead of rennet. Certainly, many producers still make cheese with rennet, but rennet free is really not hard to find.

There's no need to use harsh language at the individual who posted this delicious recipe.

Hare Krishna, while it is

Hare Krishna, while it is true that some cheddar cheeses are made using animal rennet, there are now a large variety of cheddar cheeses made using microbial rennet which is absolutely vegetarian. If you are in the USA like myself I would be happy to supply you a list of cheddar cheese brands that are in fact vegetarian.

Wonderful recipe

It turned out great, thanks for the recipe. Highly recommend it! I substituted tapioca flour with arrowroot flour(since I had it) and used a Mexican blend of cheeses. It was very good with salad.

Wow what a novel idea. I had

Wow what a novel idea. I had never thought to substitute arrowroot flour. Thank you for sharing this with us I am glad they turned out well.

I love it

Delicious! I must say, prasadam you eat in the Hare Krsna temples is the BEST most delicous food in the world. Thank you!!!!]

Hare Krsna!!!!

Comment Recipes

Priya all devotees,

I'm requesting to include a mandatory line in end of all recipes as below.
After finishing the cook, Keep cooked food on clean table then offer To Radha, Krishna and to SrilaPrabhupad, Now only your cook finished then become a Spiritual recipe.

This is because if an new person reads may who not have habit to offer to Krishna. I saw most of Vegan or Vegetarian not offering to any God.

you can not offer To Radha,

you can not offer To Radha, Krishna and to SrilaPrabhupad most cheddar cheeses are made with animal renet to set the cheese. Renet comes from the carcases of dead young cows rended down to a jelly which is then used to set the cheese.
these recipes should be with drawn.

As I mentioned above there

As I mentioned above there are many cheddar cheeses available which are fully vegetarian using microbial rennet instead of animal rennet thus making this offerable to Krishna.

Re: ekadasi bread.

I love these breads Pishi!!!
I wish you lived closer and we could swap recipes and you could teach me Yoga.

I know! that would be

I know! that would be fun-loka :D One day soon we have to meet up somewhere its been just too too long.

Great Recipe!

I made these for Ekadasi and they turned out great! I had to use a little more milk than the recipe calls for, because the dough was a bit too dry. Also, I let them cook a minute or two too long. But they turned out well, which is a miracle for me since I can't cook to save my life! Thanks for the recipe!

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