Coconut Honey Balls

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72 balls
Prep Time: 
45 min.

A lot of the old issues of Back to Godhead magazine have recipes and cooking tips in them. But they’re usually for something simple like yoghurt with fruit. Or the recipe calls for tons of butter and sugar which we now know is not ideal at every meal. But this recipe looks interesting enough to try. And it makes a decent quantity so it would be great to make for a gathering or family event soon.

(I edited the instructions just a little because they were very brief.)

From Back to Godhead, No. 21, 1968

Coconut Honey Balls

1 pound grated coconut
1/3 pound butter
1 small pinch edible camphor*
3/4 cup honey
8 ounce cream cheese
8 ounce cottage cheese
1/2 cup finely chopped figs
1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts

1. Melt butter in frying pan on low-medium heat. Careful not to burn it. Add a very small pinch of camphor and stir it in.

2. Add coconut, and fry over low heat, stirring constantly until coconut is lightly brown. Mix in figs and walnuts, and stir until combined.

3. Mix in honey until coconut and nuts are coated completely. Set aside mixture in heat-safe bowl. When cool, fold in cream cheese and cottage cheese. It helps if you leave the cream cheese out to warm slightly so it becomes soft. The cottage cheese may be somewhat lumpy, but you can smooth out the larger curds with a fork for a more consistent texture.

4. Roll mixture into little balls and refrigerate overnight. Makes about 72.

*Edible Camphor -- Please do not eat any camphor unless it is clearly labeled ‘edible’ or ‘cooking’. Regular camphor can be toxic as it is often derived from turpentine and mainly used for burning during ceremonies. Edible camphor is often called kachha karpooram or pachha karpoora, and is used in sweets in Asia.

This recipe would probably be successful without camphor. So give it a try anyway! Let us know how it turns out.


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