A variation on that fabulous dish, palak paneer, that pairs spinach with fresh cheese.

The sweetened tartness of the cranberries deliciously offsets the other main dishes.

Apricot Stuffing

A simple side dish for the holidays, or whenever you need a change from potatoes.

This tomato sauce is used in preparing vegetarian nutloaf, and also makes a great pasta sauce.

A refreshing drink from Kurma’s cookbook, "Great Vegetarian Dishes."

This vegetarian nutloaf, with tomato sauce is a nice main dish for an Italian-style menu. Slice and serve and amaze your guests.

Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Everything you need to make a pumpkin mousse pie!

The crust for a nice pumpkin mousse pie.

The perfect touch for topping your pumpkin pie, or any special dessert.

A big hit at any Thanksgiving table is the final indulgence of dessert.
Our Pumpkin Mousse Pie is no exception. The light and spicy flavors topped with whipped cream create a taste sensation enjoyed by all.

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