Plain Ghee Rice

Fluffy basmati rice with a touch of ghee.

Zuchini Kofta

Kofta are delicious spiced and deep fried vegetable balls that are typically served in some sort of spicy sauce. Not all kofta are made from vegetables though, some are made with paneer/curd. Whatever they are made with, kofta are delicious.

Quick and Easy Split Mung Dahl

This dahl is quick, easy to make and delicious! (And a wonderful source of protein.)

Ghee, Clarified Butter

Ghee is a delicious essential to good Indian cooking and making your own ghee is truly the way to go. Not only will your kitchen smell divine, but you will have fresh ghee for all your cooking needs.

Due to my love of cardamom, I got the idea stuck in my head that Russian Teacakes would be fabulous with a little cardamom thrown in and I must say they were quite fabulous. Some of my friends who are cardamom haters were not all too impressed, but some of them actually enjoyed the cookies. And the cardamom lover friends that I happened to share with loved them.

Creamy potato-y yummyness that will be loved by everyone in the family.

A gingery twist on a classically delicious paratha.

Kurma's Vegetarian Lasagna

Tender pasta sandwiched between layers of tasty béchamel sauce, cheese, spinach and herbed tomato sauce, topped with more cheese and baked until firm--yum!

Until I moved to Alachua, I had never heard of this Ekadasi bread. I was a bit of a skeptic until I tried the bread and realized it was not only yummy but also dangerously addictive.

Creamy, delicious and healthy kitchari/risotto. This particular kitchari is very similar to risotto but with an Indian twist. Yum yum yum!

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