This dish is delicious because of its richness and creamy texture. While eating it you are also delighted with the fresh chunks of cheese.


This refreshing drink is a favorite in India and is traditionally associated with Holi. It is also especially served on the night of worship in honor of the Lord's greatest devotee: Lord Siva(Shivaratri).

Luglus are a signature Jaganatha Puri(a holy city in India) sweet. Every bite has an array of textures and flavors. Within each ball are tiny balls of fried chickpea flour, raisins, figs, dates, and nuts. You cannot go wrong when serving these delicious sweets.

A yummy treat to eat, and a great way to use fruit in season.

This Chatni or dip is a favorite amongst south Indians. They make this type of chatni with several different flavors including tomato, cilantro, and 'smoked'.

Apple chutney is amongst my favorites. The sweet blend of apples and cinnamon is a combination you have to try.

This specialty dish can be served with any meal. Whether you are preparing a lunch, dinner, or even snack these samosas are a great addition.

This sabji is delicious in itself, but add to it the coconut, and it's even more delectable.

This recipe is an excellent option for a vegetable Indian dish. It also has special significance, in which you can read about on the recipe page!

These Indian Crackers are great for sending with your kids to school or to bring on your travels. They provide as a nice alternative for a snack.

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