Delicious and healthy black beans. Quick and easy to make and easy to eat as well!

Until a few years ago, the only way I knew to prepare okra and avoid the slime was to deep fry the okra in oil or ghee. Fortunately, I found a healthier way to prepare okra, avoiding both the slime and the deep frying.

Quick, easy and delicious way to use chick peas (also called garbanzo beans) to make a chunky sandwich spread for picnics and lunches.

In Kurma Dasa’s newest cookbook Quick Vegetarian Dishes, there is a delightful recipe for a Spinach & Cheese Tart which is equally delightful served at room temperature as it is served hot. Buying premade puff pastry dough makes for short preparation time but be sure you read the ingredients thoroughly to ensure that you do not purchase anything nasty.

Fresh spinach with cheese with a flaky, crispy crust. Equally delicious hot or room temperature.

This cheesecake is quite formidable, and only the smallest slice is manageable if one wishes to be fully functioning after consuming it.

Delicious pita bread great for stuffing or just on their own. From Kurma Dasa's "Great Vegetarian Dishes".

Creamy tomato-y pasta which is quick and delicious too.

A delicious, fresh and easy wrap for spring and summer...or just whenever you feel like making it.

These Lush Lemon Raspberry Bars have just the right amount of lemon/raspberry tartness that I can almost forget the crazy amount of sugar that goes into these. Due to the aforementioned large amount of sugar and a quite large amount of butter in these bars, it is probably best to have these occasionally when you can share them.

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