Corn bread is great for those days when you are making a soup but don’t have time to make bread that has to do the double rise thing and is absolutely delicious.

Delicious creamy quiche with a lovely crumbly crust.

Yoghurt is one of those things that is not only much cheaper to make at home, but is also quite easy to make. If you are fortunate enough to have access to some ahimsa milk from cows that are happily grazing outside, then this milk makes the absolute best yoghurt. However, any good quality organic milk will do quite a good job.

Oatmeal cookies are delicious, but this recipe calls for an additional two cups of dried fruits and nuts, which make them even better!

Delicious stuffed bread that is almost a meal in itself.

I was recently spring cleaning in our office (well, autumn cleaning), and in a file in an unused cabinet I found a hand written, photocopied page with a recipe on it.

Fresh, spicy, sweet and sour this salad hits the spot beautifully.

A soft delicious bread which is great for sandwiches and toast.

If you have never tried carob before I suggest you give this cake a try. It is an absolutely delicious dessert to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Cheesy and creamy warm from the oven with just enough vegetables that it isn’t a total lost cause on the nutrition front, Vegetables au Gratin is perfect for a cold winter dinner with some salad on the side.

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