40 min.

Matar alu tarkari (Vegetable and cheese stew)

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This recipe is a staple in my house, and 'The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking' offers a lovely beginner's version to start from.

Hint: You can cook it without paneer/curd and it's just as delicious. I don't always have paneer on hand, but this recipe works well either way. I also find that by cutting the potatoes and paneer smaller, it cooks more evenly, and the texture is more appealing.

Good Old Southern Corn Bread

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If you have never had corn bread I suggest you try this recipe with an open mind. Corn bread is great for those days when you are making a soup but don’t have time to make bread that has to do the double rise thing and is absolutely delicious.

Palak Kofta (Deep fried spinach-and-cheese balls)

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Broadcasting from our community in Florence, Italy, Radio Krishna Centrale reaches more than fifteen million people. The most popular program, Radio Cucino (cooking lessons), is hosted by Krishna Caitanya dasa, who sometimes recites the prayers for his listeners' offerings during the show. Listeners often telephone the station to express their thanks for this recipe.

Luglu (Chickpea Flour and Dried Fruit Balls)

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Many pilgrims walk hundreds of miles to visit the famous Jagannath temple in the holy city of Jagannath Puri, 80 miles south of Calcutta. They come to see the form of Krishna known as Lord Jagannath and relish the prasada that has been offered to Him. The resident purjaris (priests) cook luglus the size of a fist for Lord Jagannath. These luglus stay fresh for several days and are very popular with the pilgrims, who savor them as they continue their journeys.

Pushpanna (Flower Rice)

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With its many garnishes and seasonings, pushpanna is one of the most opulent of rice dishes, and, as its name implies, it's as colorful as a bouquet of flowers. Some cooks add pieces of chopped dried fruits to heighten the effect.

Walnut and Chickpea Flour Fudge Balls (Laddu)

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You can purchase chickpea flour at Indian grocery stores under different names such as gram flour, peas meal, or besan. It is made from roasted chana dahl, and when toasted in butter and sweetened it forms the basis of this delightful and popular confectionery, laddu.

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