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Easy Pea-sy Pasta

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This particular pasta is one that my mother used to make for us as children. It’s richer and creamier than your typical tomato pasta sauce thanks to a big blob of cream cheese. My daughter is not too enamored by plain pasta sauce but add some cream cheese and she loves it. I often add some very small pieces of vegetables to this dish just for a little freshness. On this particular occasion I added some green peas that I had picked and frozen a few weeks ago but you could add corn, peas, diced carrots even green beans.

Thandai (Anise milk with raisins and pistachios)

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This refreshing drink is a favorite in India and is traditionally associated with Holi. It is also especially served on the night of worship in honor of the Lord's greatest devotee: Lord Siva(Shivaratri).

Vegan variation: You don't have to make thandai with milk. You can use water instead, as it is often done, though the milk mellows the taste of the spices.

Masala Bhindi Sabji (Seasoned Okra Slices with Coconut)

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Known as "lady fingers" in India, okra is widely used in Creole cooking and is a popular soul food in America. If you can't find okra in supermarkets, look for it at Asian grocers. Choose pods that are small, firm, tender, and bright green.

The trick for cooking okra is to fry it until it looses that 'slimy' texture that turns so many people against any dish with okra in it.

Ekadasi Cream of Broccoli Soup

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This simple and delicious soup is great for Ekadasi or any other day and is very easy to make.

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