Matar alu tarkari (Vegetable and cheese stew)

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This recipe is a staple in my house, and 'The Hare Krishna Book of Vegetarian Cooking' offers a lovely beginner's version to start from.

Hint: You can cook it without paneer/curd and it's just as delicious. I don't always have paneer on hand, but this recipe works well either way. I also find that by cutting the potatoes and paneer smaller, it cooks more evenly, and the texture is more appealing.

Cheesy Spinach and Corn Filo

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This pie is very easy to make, unless of course you are making the filo from scratch instead of just buying it pre-rolled from the store. Also, you could double the amount of spinach in the pie and omit the corn, or substitute tofu for paneer. This recipe is quite versatile, but if you do play around with it, make sure the filling is not overly wet or you may end up with soggy filo, and no one wants that.

Palak Kofta (Deep fried spinach-and-cheese balls)

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Broadcasting from our community in Florence, Italy, Radio Krishna Centrale reaches more than fifteen million people. The most popular program, Radio Cucino (cooking lessons), is hosted by Krishna Caitanya dasa, who sometimes recites the prayers for his listeners' offerings during the show. Listeners often telephone the station to express their thanks for this recipe.

Paneer Sak (Steamed spinach with fresh cheese)

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High in the Tirumala hills lies Tirupati temple, the home of the richest Deity in the world, Lord Venkateshvara, and described by Srila Prabhupada, in Krishna book, as the "the most important place of pilgrimage in southern India". Catering to the needs of tens of thousands of pilgrims who visit every day, the temple executives have developed a management system which Srila Prabhupada said was super excellent and which he urged ISKCON leaders to study.

Pushpanna (Flower Rice)

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With its many garnishes and seasonings, pushpanna is one of the most opulent of rice dishes, and, as its name implies, it's as colorful as a bouquet of flowers. Some cooks add pieces of chopped dried fruits to heighten the effect.

Paneer: Fresh Cheese

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Paneer is a homemade, non-aged cheese made by adding an acidic curdling agent to milk. This cheese is not suitable for melting and has a delicate yet extra delicious flavor. Paneer can be used in many, many different dishes in a variety of ways.

Paneer is often made with lemon juice but I really like to make it with buttermilk, as it seems to make a softer and creamier paneer. Also, if you accidentally put too much buttermilk it will just convert to more paneer, whereas if you put too much lemon juice, your paneer will taste sour.

Spinach and Paneer

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A variation on that fabulous dish, palak paneer, that pairs spinach with fresh cheese (how could you go wrong, right?). I added a little cinnamon to cut the bitterness. As I cook for a four year old, I omitted chilies but highly recommend adding them if that appeals to you.

Lemon Cream Cheese Fudge (Nimbu Sandesh)

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Bengal is the home of Indian sweet manufacturing and of all Bengali sweets, sandesh is the most famous. It is prepared from only two ingredients: paneer (homemade curd cheese) and sugar. Use one-quarter part sugar to the volume of kneaded cheese curd. Sandesh is very simple to make, provided you prepare the curd cheese properly. You should also knead your cheese to the correct silky-smooth, neither-wet-nor-dry texture. Sandesh must be cooked in a scrupulously clean pan over very low heat.

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