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Zuchini Kofta

Kofta are delicious spiced and deep fried vegetable balls that are typically served in some sort of spicy sauce. Not all kofta are made from vegetables though, some are made with paneer/curd. I know--extra yum factor! I am actually not all that experienced in making kofta, but I am experienced in eating kofta and can assure you that it is perfectly delicious.
The kofta recipe that I’m sharing for today’s newsletter is from Shanka Dasa’s great cookbook “Simple Vegetarian Cooking Indian Style.” Some of you may have heard of Shanka Dasa and his fabulous cooking or maybe even had

Cardamom Russian Teacakes

There are many different (but really not so different) recipes for Russian Teacakes and I have been making them with and without my mom since I was a child. These cookies are great to let your child help you with as there are many things for little hands to handle without messing up too much. Surya likes to help stir the butter and sugar together. She then helps me roll the dough into balls and also helps with the second powdered sugar coating, making this a fun recipe for us to work on together.

Creamy Potato Soup

Winter is a great time to cook a big pot of soup for dinner (and if you are lucky lunch the next day). As a child, I was not the biggest fan of soup. But this particular soup, when my mom made it, was always yummmmm. All kids love this soup and Surya eats it up every time I make it. A visiting one-and-a-bit-year-old ate two and a half bowls today!
I got the recipe from Mata and tweaked it a bit to pass on. This potato soup is really easy to make, and filling too.

Ekadasi Cheesy Bread

Until I moved to Alachua, I had never heard of this Ekadasi bread. I was a bit of a skeptic until I tried the bread and realized it was not only yummy but also dangerously addictive.
Tapioca flour is used in this recipe to make the bread, and is combined with cheese, butter and milk to make a cheesy, delicious and chewy bread-like substance. Tapioca flour is available in health food stores, some Latin stores and in Asian supermarkets. Going to an Asian supermarket will save you a lot of money over a health food store, but be sure to look for tapioca starch.

Gingery Potato Paratha

Give me a potato paratha with some mango pickle and yoghurt and I am a happy woman. Pretty much any type of paratha--and believe me there are many types--can bring a smile to my face. The crunch of toasted bread with the yummy, soft, spicy, center is too good for me to resist.

Spinach and Paneer

Tis the season for…greens. I know that last week’s recipe was also using greens but since they are in season where I live it is almost wrong to not use them. At the temple I bought some lovely, big bunches of organic spinach that had obviously just been picked. I decided to use them up quickly before they began to look sorry for themselves.

Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Karhi Sauce

Today I started cooking a little late so I grabbed Kurma’s “Quick Vegetarian Dishes” for ideas. I was limited to the vegetables that were in the fridge, therefore the karhi vegetables pictured probably look a little different from what this recipe would produce. But not too different. I used sautéed tofu, fresh baby greens, and carrots. Also, as I am trying to cut down on my wheat consumption and we had rice the past two days, I got drastically different and served this recipe with rice vermicelli noodles.

Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Karhi Sauce
[Recipe by Kurma]
Serves 6

Butternut Squash and Tender Greens Kitchari

Today’s recipe is perfect for those days when you are at busy at home and can occasionally stir a pot, but not do endless preparation. As I am working at home today I thought this would be perfect to make my family for dinner and equally perfect to share with you all.

Quinoa with Carrots and Sesame Seeds and Simple Greens

This past weekend we just had two wonderful festivals, accompanied by equally wonderful feasts. As I partook in the festivals and also the feasts I am feeling the need for some healthy cooking so here it is.

Easy Saffron Sweet Rice and Flaked Almond and Saffron Semolina Halava

Govardhan Puja is just a few days away, and I have always been in love with the part of that children’s Govardhan Puja song that goes, “Dear father please prepare, rice, dahl, halava, puri, pakora, laddhu, rasagulla, sandesh, sweet rice meant for the brahmanas. Meant for the brahmanas, chanting the vedic hymns, decorate the cows, feed them well, keeping them in front, circumambulate the hill. Govardhan Puja, Govardhan Puja.” It seems that there is supposed to be a feast on Govardhan Puja, because when I looked in the Krsna Book, all of the preparations in the song were mentioned.

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