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Lush Lemon Raspberry Bars

It’s spring here where I live and everything is turning green. There are flowers everywhere and the weather is perfect. Friends are starting to invite us to picnics and I like to bring something yummy for these informal get-togethers. Usually ‘hand food’ is ideal, anything that can be easily eaten without silverware or even plates. And of course the kids like to grab goodies to munch on while they’re running about the yard. So today I am sharing a recipe I came upon ages ago, I don’t quite remember where. I tweaked it to my preferences and fell in love with it.

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is not always the easiest meal to make from scratch. Many people rely on cereal and milk for a quick, no hassle breakfast (sometimes quick and hassle free is the way to be). Luckily, when it comes to breakfast, there are many options for a healthy, made-from-scratch meal.
For every-day breakfasts where speed is essential, oatmeal is a quick and easy option. Simply mix 1/3 cup of raw oats for every cup of water, add a pinch of salt and cook over low-medium heat, stirring occasionally until the oats are cooked through (approximately 5 minutes).

Gaura Purnima Menu and Cucumber Raita

This Saturday, March 19, is the holy day of Gaura Purnima, or the birth of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on this planet. On this day, Vaishnava devotees fast the entire day until moon rise and then enjoy a fabulous feast that has first been offered, with love, to Sri Krishna Chaitanya.

“Bhima” Veggie Burgers

So today’s recipe is another one that was passed along from my Mata. In true Mata fashion, she didn’t give me any measurements but I tried as best I could to figure it out for all of you. This recipe as well as the name, was passed along from an older devotee lady who learned it while staying at New Vrindavan, West Virginia. I haven’t a clue how the name came to be, but I like to think that it’s because these patties are filled with protein and will make you strong like Bhima when you eat them.

Spice Profile: Cumin

Oh, how I do love cumin! Apparently, I am not the only one with a fondness for cumin as it is one of the most popular spices in the world, second only to pepper. Cumin has been used worldwide for centuries, and after a brief long ago period of unpopularity is now again getting the love it deserves.

[Eggfree] Lemon Sponge Cake

I was recently lent a copy of The Book of Eggfree Cakes by Cintia Stammers, and wanted to try out one of the cakes in it. I came across a Lemon Sponge Cake recipe and decided to make a Victoria Sponge Cake using lemon sponge instead of vanilla, and lemon curd instead of raspberry jam. I coloured the lemon curd with some turmeric to make it a more yellow colour to stand out against the whipped cream.

Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower Vermicelli

Some days for whatever reason, I really don’t feel like investing much time in cooking. On these days I often turn to pasta. This recipe was a bit of a speculation on my part but turned out quite yum, winning over my four-year-old girl and her four-year-old playmate. I even successfully bribed them with more pasta if they would eat their salad and it worked like a charm.

Greek-Style White Bean and Vegetable Soup (Fasoulada)

Today I made a Greek-Style White Bean and Vegetable Soup (Fasoulada), from Kurma’s cookbook “Cooking With Kurma: More Great Vegetarian Dishes”. I know that I do quite often post recipes from Kurma’s cookbooks, but that really is because I use them a lot. You should see the mess on some of my more used recipe pages!

Apple Blackberry/Blueberry Crumble

Apple pie is one of my favorite desserts. However, I don’t always have the time or inclination to mess with pie crust and so apple crumble, a.k.a. apple crisp, is almost as good. Fresh apple crumble with warm custard is crunchy, sweet, soft and a little sour all at the same time--who can resist that?

Ekadasi Tips

For those of you who may not know, Ekadasi is a special day that comes around twice a month. On Ekadasi, it is recommended that we not eat grains, peas and beans and it is stated in the Brahmavaivarta that “One who observes Ekadasi is freed from all kinds of reactions to sinful activities, and thereby advances in pious life.”

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