Good Old Southern Corn Bread

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Corn bread for some reason makes me think of the Southern United States. I had never had corn bread until I moved over here, and at first wasn’t really struck by it. It looks like a cake and is somewhat sweet, but it’s not actually a dessert dish. I think the anticipation of cake which I had upon my first sight of corn bread put me off for a while. Luckily for me, my mind got over that initial disappointment and I grew to greatly appreciate some good cornbread.

When my parents lived up in North Carolina in a tiny little town there was a tiny little store on the corner of an intersection run by an old couple. This old lady kindly shared her recipe for cornbread with my mother who has been making it ever since. I have no idea where this elderly lady got her recipe from, but I like to think that it was passed down through generations of Southern ladies and now to us.

Corn bread makes a delicious meal when paired with soup or chili, and I like it even plain. This recipe is rich enough that you really don’t need to serve extra butter with it. If you want to jazz up this recipe, add some grated cheese, frozen corn, or nicely diced chilies--and if you are feeling extra fancy, add all of those ingredients for a delicious variation.

Try my recipe for Good Old Southern Corn Bread, and comment there if you have questions or suggestions.

If you have never had corn bread I suggest you try this recipe with an open mind. Corn bread is great for those days when you are making a soup but don’t have time to make bread that has to do the double rise thing and is absolutely delicious.

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